What I’m Doing Now

🏠 Staying at Home

I live right in the little town of Snohomish, WA about 25 miles northeast of Seattle. Our family loves walking around town—within minutes we can visit shopping, coffee, wineries, parks, or the library. With the coronavirus, I'm trying to stay productive in close quarters with a 3- and 1-year old. And maybe get outside for some exercise to stay sane and mix up the week.

We’re hoping to move south soon, so now it’s go-time searching for a new house in the strangest real estate market since the last recession. I’ve rebuilt our front picket fence and plan to declutter (and wait out government bans) until we can get our house listed for sale.

📖 Reading

I love reading and connecting over books. I’ve been meeting monthly with a small book club (me and two friends) to try to finish more books.

I’m currently reading:

💻 UI Development

I’m at Microsoft working on a UI library of controls and components for use on the home and store pages of microsoft.com. It’s been a lesson “back to the basics” writing plain old JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, along with a Handlebars documentation site. I’d like to return to React and more app-level development again, but spending time with libraries at the lowest level forces me to go deeper on the essentials, accessibility, versioning, and other critical considerations of web development.

Updated: March 28, 2020